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mkdocs + github

Of course you can use any documentation system. We started with Confluence Wiki, but quickly discovered that made extra-organization cooperation hard. After a few years we moved all of our docs to mkdocs hosted on github. This makes the repo forkable, editable and shareable by your entire staff without the need to manage a separate wiki system. While not strictly necessary, you can just fork the ZeroDiff docs repo as your starting point.

Bootstrapping from ZeroDiff

Probably the easiest thing to do is to fork this doc repo and have your team focus on the recipes in the beginner section. Once you start your Kaizen, you'll want to collect your process recipe changes in your own section. (Right now there's no clear way to do this - later we'll invest some redesign effort into a good way for orgs to share ZeroDiff while having a way to maintain their unique process recipes.)

Your supply chain team will need to learn github anyway

Github is the right tool for shared, versioned work across the entire org. Even for docs. It might seem harder for non-engineers to use github, but the reality is that they'll need to use it anyway. The github app makes it pretty easy for novices to quickly pick up the right habits. There's a few things the app can't do (tags! grrrr...), and for that the website is pretty good!

Mkdocs Instructions

Over in the "Contribute" section, there's some docs on how to use and modify the mkdocs repo.

Mkdocs instructions