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Release CheckList

MechE Release Checklist

Check that all files are included in GitHub pre-release package:

  • Does each part have its own folder named after it?
  • Does each folder contain a drawing in PDF format, along with the appropriate derivative file (EPS, DXF, SLDPRT, STEP, etc.) format(s)? Refer to the tables in Step 4 of the 3. Mechanicals Development and Release Process if unsure.
  • For lasercut parts, is there a README file containing the appropriate info on materials, thicknesses, sheet size, production file name, and any vendor specific information?

Download the pre-release package from GitHub

  • If drawings have been revised, print previews.
    • Limit dimensions should be used on all individually dimensioned toleranced parts.
    • Dimensions should not be duplicated or the same information given in two different ways and no dimensions should be given except those needed to produce or inspect the part.
    • Dimensions should be given between points or surfaces that have a functional relation to each other or that control the location of mating parts.
    • Dimensioning to hidden lines should be avoided whenever possible.
    • Dimensions applying to two adjacent views should be placed between the views if possible.
    • The longer dimensions should be placed outside all intermediate dimensions so that dimension lines will not cross extension lines.
  • Do drawings effectively communicate essential tolerance features?
    • Dimensions
    • Materials
    • Tolerances
    • Review Version Numbers/Revision Numbers

Review BOM Documents from GitHub download

  • Check that the BOM has the following data:
    • Is the project name showing in the BOM's header?
    • Are all parts required to build the device represented?
    • Are parts quantities correct?
    • Are the dates current and correct?
    • Are the manufacturer's part numbers present and correct?
    • Are the Codeshelf part names present and correct?
    • Are feedstocks and their associated dimensions present and correct?
  • Does the BOM contain all of the sourcing data needed to acquire the parts?
  • Does the BOM contain feedstock and dimensions?
  • Does each part have a name that follows the Codeshelf Part Number Scheme?

Review ECO Documents from GitHub download

  • Does the current version number’s row in the spreadsheet describe all changes to this version/revision?
  • Does the ECO reflect all design changes noted since the previous release and those noted in the commit messages?

Review README files (found in production files folders of lasercut parts) from GitHub download

  • Is the required material listed?
  • Is the thickness of the material called out?
  • Is all vendor-specific information listed (eg stock sizes, file names, sheet size, part yield, etc.)

Cross check Drawings/BOM/ECO from GitHub download

  • Do all instances of version numbers/revision letters agree?
    • Drawings (found in drawing title block)
    • Do drawing / Part numbers and version numbers agree with the title blocks on the drawings?
  • BOM (Product Number, also in Drawing/Part No. fields)
    • Does the tag on the BOM agree with the release ID row on the ECO?


  • Has the checklist been checked for necessary items/redundant items?